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RemiPro Painters specializes in providing Atlanta area property owners with exceptional painting services including: interior house painting, exterior house painting, trim work, and more.

Atlanta Home Makeovers
Many homeowners wait until it’s time to list their homes for sale to freshen up their homes with new paint. While repainting your home before selling it is an excellent option, you may end up wishing you did it earlier. If your home is showing its age, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for it! Whether you want a new look through a change of color or want a fresh coat of the same color, your home makeover is just a phone call away!

Interior House Painting
RemiPro Painters can paint a single room or the entire interior of your home. Painting the inside of a home requires attention to detail and extra care. Here’s how the process works:

  • First, we move the furniture away from walls and place it in the center of the room.
  • Next, we cover the floors, all exposed hardware, and the furniture with plastic and masking tape to protect it.
  • Next, we prep the walls by removing all nails, filling in all holes, and removing all dirt and debris from the walls and baseboards.
  • Now it’s time to sand and caulk as needed.
  • Using brushes and rollers, we apply high quality interior paint. If necessary, primer will be applied first.
  • When the paint is sufficiently dry, we remove the protective plastic coverings and move the furniture back into position.
  • Finally, we vacuum and your freshly painted room is ready to enjoy.

Exterior House Painting
Exterior house painting is a process that takes several days to complete. One of the most important parts of painting is the prep work and we take great care to prepare the surface for optimal results. Among the steps we take are:

  • First, we pressure wash the home to ensure a clean, workable surface. Once washed, we allow the home to dry for at least one full sunny day.
  • Next, we scrape any loose paint and prime bare wood.
  • Next, using putty and caulk, we fill in holes and cracks.
  • While some Atlanta painting contractors might go ahead and start painting at this point, we repair any damaged wood, siding, or stucco before we begin painting.
  • Once the house has been prepped, we then cover plants, exterior furniture, driveways, and sidewalks with plastic to protect them from paint drips and overspray.
  • From there, the painting begins. Using paint brushes, rollers, and sprayers, we apply high quality exterior paint to your Atlanta home.
  • Finally, we remove the protective plastic covers and clean up. 

House painting is one of the most visible and cost effective home improvements you can make. Let us improve the condition of your home from the inside or out (or both). Whether you want a complete home makeover or want to paint one room at a time, you can count on us for prompt and reliable painting services. Best of all, you’ll love our work! We’re proud of what we do and eager to put our painting expertise to work for you.

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